I wish I could tell you that the whole idea of having fuck friends is a fairly recent phenomenon. Well, if I tell you that I would be flat out lying to you. The reality is that fuck friends have been around forever. Of course it came under different names. In many cases, people would use all sorts of polite labels and euphemisms to describe it, but if you look at how these types of intimate personal relationships work out, you can’t help but conclude that these were fuck friends.

If this sounds all revolutionary and new to you, I don’t blame you. After all there are all sorts of moral hypocrisies that we have to live with and work through. In fact, moral hypocrisy is, in some ways, the brick and mortar of any kind of society. But if you’re completely honest with yourself, you can also see that human beings are just really animals. We really are. We have biological drives. It’s hard-wired into our DNA. Let’s put it this way: If human beings by nature are not horny and not out to fuck each other, the population of this planet would be around 100 people. This is no joke. Promiscuity, the desire for sexual conquest and experience is hard-wired and seared into our DNA. There’s no shame in that game.

The big challenge is how to preserve social relationships and social order in such a way while living with such biological drives. This is where social control comes in. This is also where personal self-control comes in. One key way society has historically dealt with such drives is through concepts like fuck friends. So this is not a novel phenomenon. This has been around for a long time. The sooner you get this, the healthier your attitude would be regarding this type of friend. The sooner you get this, the higher the likelihood that you would develop this kind of friend and you will find a fuck and it will benefit you. It has many different benefits. We’re not just talking about the late-night booty call. That’s actually pretty low on the list. If anything, it’s all about personal freedom and living life with a renewed sense of possibility. To me, that’s the biggest benefit it brings to the table.