If you’re looking for a great fuck friend, you need to destroy all the pre-existing conceptions that you have. That’s right, get rid of all your prejudices. Flush all your biases down the toilets. Have you already done so? Good. Why? It’s too easy to look for a fuck friend or develop a fuck friend at this point in your life in such a way that it would produce unnecessary drama for the foreseeable future. It really is. Why?

Time to get those booty calls

Most guys I know often look at the project from a completely wrong perspective. They think that the whole concept of a meeting up for sex with a fuck friend means you take an existing friend and you talk to that person in such a way that you open them up to having sex with you. Well, I wish that was the only thing that was at play. I wish that was the only ingredient in a fuck friend.

The problem is this has little to do with sex and everything to do with trust and friendship. If you are a real friends with somebody and you value that person’s respect and friendship, the last thing that you would want is to shit on that friendship by having sex with that person. Think of the 90’s romantic comedy/situational comedy show, Friends, and blow it up by one million times. Can you imagine the drama? Can you imagine the emotional heartache? Worst of all, you lose over your friends

No surprises with a good fuck friend

So, do yourself a big favor and stop defining a fuck friend the way you’re defining it now. Instead, look at it as something from a purely different perspective. Look at it as a relationship that you develop from day 1. In other words, you become friends with that person with the mutual understanding that it can develop into something else. That way, there are no surprises down the road.